Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Wayne and Margy's Rental RV Trip Log 7

Trip Log Part 7

Sunday, February 3 -- Today was our second day off from traveling on this trip. We planned it to wait out the rainstorm that arrived last night.  Pima County Fairgrounds was a good choice for an extended stay except for one thing, Lake Lutz that developed outside our door. Fortunately, the dry ground absorbed it quickly.

Lake Lutz. Guess we'll stay inside for now.

It was also Super Bow Sunday. Thanks to the wifi connection we were able to see the game on Wayne's laptop. 

Super Bowl party RV style.

It wouldn't be a sports party without guacamole and chips.

Monday, February 4 -- We left the Pima County Fairgrounds to time a 2:00 check-in at Lost Dutchman State Park. On the way out we topped off our 50-pound propane tank. It was only 1/3 empty, but it was an easy place to refill. This should last us for the rest of our trip.

Superstition Mountains on a stormy day.

Google suggested back roads, but we chose I-5 north to the 60 Freeway eastbound directly to Apache Junction. We stopped at Fry's for gas and groceries. We parked in an outer lot with room for RVs. I have a discount card and we saved $25 off our $115 purchase.

Site 45 at Lost Dutchman State Park.

We went directly to the Lost Dutchman State Park. We tried to get a spot for Tuesday night to fill the gap in our Monday/Wednesday reservations. We reserved online three days in advance, but the campground was full for Tuesday. No luck, so we'll do something else for Tuesday night.

Arizona sunset from our camp.

We had electricity, water and a killer sunset. I like campgrounds more than RV parks. You have more privacy and are to nature.  I'm looking forward to returning so we can go hiking and take pictures of all of the wonderful desert plants, many blooming after the recent rain.

RV Refrigerators - Today I would like to share about RV refrigerators. They range from small to large depending on the size of the RV, but almost all are dual electric and propane.

The refrigerator/freezer in our rental RV.

In auto mode it automatically switches from electric to propane. It runs on propane while on the road, if there's no electric hook-up or when the generator isn't running.

The brand in our RV is Dometic. We are familiar with that brand. The first propane refrigerator we had at the float cabin was a Dometic that was repurposed from a trailer.

A separate freezer is better than one inside of the refrigerator section. This one gets cold enough to keep ice cream firm.

Having a refrigerator in the RV allows you to cook with fresh foods without frequent shopping. As you know, we enjoy eating out, but cooking our own meals makes our trip more economical and relaxing. -- Margy


  1. Margy - I was so excited to see the pictures of the Superstition Mountains, the saguaro and the sunset. We used to live in Gilbert, Arizona and hiked in the Superstitions. It was then that I learned how lovely the desert can be, especially after a rain! I am enjoying your trip!

    1. The Superstition Mountains are amazing! At one time we thought we might like to retire to Arizona. Life sort of took us in the opposite direction. - Margy

  2. Sounds like a good road trip so far! Nice shot of the sunset.

  3. Lovely scenery, glad you got to see the Super Bowl.

    1. It's hard to find any place where tech doesn't work, at least near main roads and big cities. - Margy

  4. Stunning scenery along your road trip. You're escaping our cold weather and the predicted snow for this weekend! Enjoy your travels.

    1. We did escape the cold weather, but a lot of it did follow us south and then again back north. - Margy


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