Thursday, December 12, 2019

Snowbird RV Adventure: Morro Bay to El Chorro Regional Park

Days 32 - 34

Site #7 in the Chumash Loop with full hookups.
December 5: Today's move was our shortest yet. The drive from Morro Bay State Park to El Chorro Regional Park near San Luis Obispo was only 8 miles.

We had reservations for three nights so we could get together with a friend. Kurt has come to Powell Lake in his Husky floatplane several times and stayed in our friend's cabin. Now we are coming to visit Kurt and his wife Leslie at their home in San Luis Obispo.

Kurt picked us up and we went back to Morro Bay to see the new to him sailboat he bought.

Kurt's new to him sailboat that he is restoring.

It needs a lot of refurbishment inside and out, but he's the guy who can do it. He's already rebuilt the diesel engine and is teaching himself to sail.

The entrance to the Botanical Garden.
December 6: El Chorro Regional Park has an interesting history. Farm and grazing land was used in the 1940s to create U.S. Army Camp San Luis Obispo.

In 1972, land was given to the County for a park which now includes Dairy Creek Golf Course (with discounts for campers), El Chorro Campground with dry and full hookup sites, extensive day use areas and the San Luis Obispo Botanical Garden.

As an avid gardener up at the cabin, I couldn't help but laugh.
During one of the sunny periods, Wayne and I walked through the many plant exhibits in the Botanical Garden.

Much of the work is done by volunteers and we were happy to give a donation on the way out.

That night the rain returned with a few really heavy downpours. The next morning we woke up to a muddy bog right outside our door.

The Cal Poly Mustangs with Kyle #33 playing basketball.
December 7: We were also here to meet Kurt and Leslie's son Kyle and watch him play basketball at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.

Kyle is a forward on the Division 1 Mustangs team. He's following in his dad's footsteps.

Kurt played basketball during his college career and is now a professor in the College of Engineering.

After two days and nights of rain, our campsite became quite a quagmire.

California has been getting some much needed rain.

But as a Californian by birth, I can't complain. She needs all the moisture she can get. It was a lot of fun to include a visit with Kurt and Leslie in our trip. And we put Uber to good use getting around on our own. Without a car, ride sharing and taxi service has made our trip much more enjoyable. -- Wayne and Margy

Trip Mileage Log
Day - 8 miles
Total - 1347 miles

Our rechargeable Midland GXT1000s.
As you know, Wayne and I are new to RVing. While we've driven a pickup with a shell on the back for quite a few years, we've never mastered backing up, especially with a trailer in tow.

When we purchased an RV, we kept that in mind. Our choice was a 25' Class C that would be easier to handle on the road and in parking lots. To help us even more, we use a set of Midland GXT1000 two-way radios, better known as walkie-talkies.

Using walkie-talkies is a huge improvement.
In the beginning, I would run around the RV and call out directions, or stand in front giving hand signals.

After crunching the plastic awning cap we knew there must be a better way. We have a set of walkie-talkies from quad riding, so brought them along. Now I can give precise directions without announcing our attentions to the whole campground. Using two-way radios has made our operations much safer in tight situations.

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Monday, December 9, 2019

Snowbird RV Adventure: Lemoore NAS to Morro Bay State Park

Days 30 - 31

Drought challenged farmers in California need more water.
December 3: After our extended stay at Lemoore, there was good driving weather.

We each have departure chores. Wayne took extra time disconnecting our utilities, then came in saying, "This isn't good."

The attachment flanges from the sewer cap broke off. Wayne used duct tape to make a temporary fix while I looked up RV repairs shops along our route towards Morro Bay.

Our Sunseeker at the Paso Robles Delta RV service bay.
Delta RV in Paso Robles was a perfect choice. Their extensive store and parts department had what we (and any RV owner) needed.

They were also able to have their service department install a replacement for the rear awning cap that we broke last September in our Gotcha Covered RV storage spot. We've been carrying the replacement part around with us waiting for an opportunity like this.

Within an hour, we were back on the road ready to continue our Snowbird RV Adventure. Our route from the Central Valley to the coast took us over Highway 41.

Highway 41 still had some trees with fall foliage.

It passes through oak covered hills, grazing lands for cattle, avocado orchards and vineyards, especially as you approach Paso Robles.

Pull-through Site #23 at Morro Bay State Park.

We made it to our destination, Morro Bay State Park, just before dark.

December 4: Rain returned overnight, but cleared again. We fixed our breakfast then went out for a walk around Morro Bay State Park. It has quite a history. Morro Bay has been a popular tourist destination since the 1890s. The Cabrillo Country Club went out of business in the 1929 crash and the State took possession. President Roosevelt’s New Deal Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) transformed the former country club into a State Park in 1934.

Historic restrooms, tables and fire pits are still maintained.

The Peninsula trail from the marina out to the point.
Towards evening, we walked the short peninsula trail from the marina to watch the sunset and take pictures of iconic Morro Rock.

The rain clouds came and went so taking pictures was good (for sunsets) and not so good (for land shots).

We've been able to enjoy our destinations despite the rain. It hasn't been steady and there have been sunny breaks in between.

Morro Rock and Morro Bay State Park Marina

We enjoyed our stay at Morro Bay but didn't make it to town. That was about to change with our next destination. -- Wayne and Margy

Trip Mileage Log
Day - 131 miles
Total - 1339 miles

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Thursday, December 5, 2019

Snowbird RV Adventure: Extended Stay at Lemoore NAS

Days 28 - 29

Site #12 was also an end spot.
December 1: Sunday was site switching day. The only way Mark could get us two extra days was to move us. We got up early to disconnect our utilities and bring in our bedroom slide out.

Mark came by at 10:00 in the morning and let us know that Flamer (a Navy pilot call sign I'm sure) was ready to swap with us.

We took advantage of being disconnected to go to the Commissary for groceries. Lemoore NAS has grown so they've built a new Exchange, Commissary and gas station.

Site #12 included full a cement slab, hookups, picnic table, BBQ and trash.

We returned to the RV park and settled into Site #12 for two more days. We've learned that asking for extensions or changing travel plans helps us avoid inclement weather on the road.

December 2: Monday's weather was mostly sunny, at least in the early part of the day. We decided to use it to take a walk and see more of the base. Every road has sidewalks, and there are pedestrian crossings with on-demand lights for safety.

And interesting signs to warn drivers.

We walked half a mile to see several aircraft on display. As you enter the base, there are an A-1 Skyraider, A-7 Corsair II and A-4 Skyhawk. There was also an F-18 Hornet right at the main gate. All of these planes are a proud tribute to Naval aviation history.

Lemoore Naval Air Station is the Navy's West Coast Master Jet Base. They currently have squadrons flying F-18 Hornets and F-35 Lightnings in support of the U.S. Pacific Fleet.

For the rest of the afternoon, we sat on our porch and watched single fighter jets and pairs flying in formation heading north to land on the runways.

Wayne and I love the sound of jet noise, and this was a perfect place for that. -- Wayne and Margy

Trip Mileage Log
Day - 1 mile walking (didn't count)
Total - Still 1208 miles

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Monday, December 2, 2019

Snowbird RV Adventure: Visalia to Lemoore Naval Air Station

Days 25 - 27

November 28: Thanksgiving Day  Yesterday I called the Lemoore Naval Air Station RV Park because we were to arrive on a holiday. I got the information we needed to get on base and situated in our new spot.

Later that night I got a call from Mark, the camp host. He would wait for our arrival (even though he had Thanksgiving plans of his own).

Our Sunseeker on the left at the Lemoore NAS RV Park.
Wayne and I hurried to break camp in Visalia and get to Lemoore as quickly as possible.

Mark told us to use the main gate since the bypass to the truck and RV entrance is closed after duty hours, on weekends and holidays. 

Mark's a great camp host. He gave us everything we needed to find things on base.

Lemoore Naval Air Station map.

Getting our Sunseeker clean after the dust storm followed by rain.
Last Monday there was a huge dust storm. Strong winds kicked up dirt from plowed fields and dust settled on trees overhanging our RV. Then on Tuesday, rain turned that dust into muddy water to coat our rig.

Mark gave us directions to the car wash with a special bay for RVs. We headed right over.

We continued to the gas station to fill up and stopped at the Jet Mart convenience store to check it out.

Settled into Site #15 with clearing skies.

Back at the RV park, we settled into Site #15. I fixed our Thanksgiving dinner (check the previous post) and we called it a night.

November 29-30:

Our bed extension is out and connected to full hookups.
We keep an eye on the weather. Right now there are major rain and snow storms. We don't want to drive during inclement weather, so we asked Mark if we could add two more days to our stay and he was able to work it out. He's the best camp host ever.

Today the weather was mostly sunny. It was a good time to get our dirty clothes to and from the laundry room. I didn't plan on doing washing this often, but free machines are too tempting to pass up.

We've discovered that RV parks on military bases are an excellent way to travel. They are well maintained, reasonably priced and have lots of amenities not always available at public and private parks.-- Wayne and Margy

Trip Mileage Log
Day - 35 miles
Total - 1208 miles

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Thursday, November 28, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving from Wayne, Margy and Powell River Books

For all of my American readers and friends ...

from Up the Lake
home of

Wayne and I are celebrating our second Thanksgiving of the year while on our Snowbird RV Adventure in Central California.

Our Sunseeker at the Lemoore NAS RV Park.

We've picked Lemoore Naval Air Station's RV Park as the location to celebrate with a simple turkey Thanksgiving dinner.

RV Thanksgiving Dinner Menu

Sliced deli turkey in gravy mix
Instant mashed potatoes
Steamed frozen peas
Cranberry sauce
Save Mart bakery pumpkin pie

Thanksgiving is a great time to step back and reflect on all of our blessings. Wayne and I live in the best place on earth and have many wonderful friends. 

If you're in the States, we hope your Thanksgiving is peaceful and filled with joy. -- Wayne and Margy

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Snowbird RV Adventure: Chowchilla to the Visalia/Sequoia KOA

V is for the Visalia/Sequoia KOA

Days 22 - 24

The entrance to the Visalia KOA and its office/store.
November 25: We arrived at the Visalia/Sequoia National Park KOA a day earlier than planned due to our cancellation at San Luis Reservoir.

Storms, including rain and possibly even snow, are forecast in the coming days. We didn't want to drive in unsafe conditions, so adding an extra day each to The Lakes and the Visalia KOA took care of our overnight needs.

They sell propane, so we decided to fill up before going to our site. Our refrigerator, stove and heater run on propane. The fridge has dual modes. It runs on electricity in RV parks and propane while we are on the road. That saves on quite a bit of gas.

We only needed 2.3 gallons in our 9.8 gallon tank for a cost of $9.09. That was amazing since we went out on four multi-day trips in the summer, and 22 days so far on this adventure.

Our Sunseeker RV in Site A-5 next to a Cruise America rig.
We stayed here last year on our Rental RV Trip. It's a typical KOA (Kampgrounds of America) layout with gravel sites and some trees. With our $30 annual Rewards Card, we get a 10% discount. For our three night stay, we saved $15.26. It doesn't take long to get your investment back.

If you are traveling through the Central Valley, it's close to Highway 99. With a toad (towed vehicle) or rental car, it makes a good home base to visit Sequoia National Park

Each site comes with water, power, sewer, fire ring and picnic table.

November 26-27:

On Tuesday, we took an Uber downtown for a movie. We saw Ford vs. Ferrari with Matt Damon as Carroll Shelby. While the movie was about the development of the Shelby race cars for Ford, the 1964½ Mustang made a cameo appearance. My first car was a 1965 Mustang. Afterwards, Wayne and I went to the Sequoia Brewing Company for a tri tip sandwich dinner.

Tuesday night and Wednesday, the rain storm arrived. It was too much all at once, causing floods in the valley and blizzards in the mountains. We even got a few thunder claps and a pelting of pea sized hail. There's more rain to come. Hopefully it will lessen the fire danger situation throughout the state. -- Wayne and Margy

Trip Mileage Log
Day - 75 miles
Total - 1149 miles

Cut a piece of pool noodle and slit it with a knife.
On our first few trips, Wayne misjudged the headroom when he was stooped under the bedroom slide-out. Our utility connections and a locker are underneath. After standing up too quick, he learned the hard way that sharp edges hurt.

I read a tip to use pool noodles. Cut two pieces. Slit them lengthwise part way down from the outer surface to the central hole. This leaves one end to be a bottom cushion. Slide a noodle over each corner to catch your attention and protect your head in case you forget.

Our bedroom slide-out with pool noodle bumper guards in place.

Of course, they must be placed on the slide-out after it's extended, and removed before it's retracted.

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