Friday, September 1, 2017

Blue Summer Skies at Dodd Lake

Viewpoint on Goat Main overlooking Goat and Powell Lakes.
On a recent quad ride with friends in the Powell River backcountry, we stopped at a picnic spot at the north end of Dodd Lake.

To get there you turn off Highway 101 at Dixon Road then take Goat Lake Main past the Dodd Lake Campground to Windsor Lake Main. Turn right until you reach an old logging road that leads down to the lake and a picnic area right on the shore. This last section is best done by quad, mountain bike or hiking.

Picnic shelter at the north end of Dodd Lake.

There are so many great places to explore in the Powell River backcountry.

A pocket gravel beach near the picnic spot.

Some are maintained by logging companies like Western Forest Products. Click here and you can download a map that shows logging roads in the area.

Beautiful cumulus clouds on a warm summer day.

This picnic site is maintained by it's users. As you can see we take good care of it.

Do you have user maintained recreation sites where you live? Are they well maintained? -- Margy