Thursday, February 14, 2019

Wayne and Margy's Rental RV Trip Log 3

Trip Log Part 3

Tuesday, January 29 -- We were up by 8:00 without an alarm. Increased traffic on nearby I-5 probably helped, but it didn't bother our sleep during the night. We pulled out of the Durango RV Resort by 8:30 ready for another long day of driving to reach Arizona before the rain.

I-5's four lane divided roadway is good for long distance traveling.

We didn't gas up last night, so we drove south to Arbuckle. I pick stations in rural areas that have an easy off and back on. 

Below Sacramento I-5 runs near the Coast Range foothills.

We wanted to drive south from Sacramento to Bakersfield on Highway 99. It's more picturesque with farms and towns. Today there was a dense fog advisory in the Central Valley, so we continued on I-5. Highway 99 brings back lots of good memories for me. My parents and I traveled it four times a year to visit my grandparents in Waterford, just outside of Modesto. Waterford's changed a lot. Back in my teens, I rode my horse to town on weekends, cruising country style.

Harris Ranch has gas, a steakhouse, airport and hotel.

We stopped at Harris Ranch for more gas. It's a popular spot for travelers on I-5. When we lived in Pomona, we liked to fly our Arrow 997, land on their runway, park the plane next to the gate, and walk into the restaurant for a steak dinner (they raise their own beef). Sometimes we would spend the night at the Harris Ranch Inn.

Crops along I-5 include olives, almonds and pistachio nuts.

I used the Allstays app again to select our RV park for the night. We considered the River Run RV Park in Bakersfield. Then I found the Orange Grove RV Park just outside of town in Edison.

Our Orange Grove RV Park site with its own orange tree.

The park is inside a former orange grove with trees at each site loaded with fruit (in season). We got a pull-through with full services for $50 with our Good Sam Club discount. After 434 miles of driving, we relaxed with a cool drink while watching another gorgeous sunset.

RV Bathroom Facilities -- Yesterday I promised to share our bathroom. There's a standup shower, sink, flush toilet, and two small storage cabinets.

The small shower and sink.

It's sized for one, but has everything we need. There's a propane hot water heater and fresh water either from our tank or a hookup to city water in RV parks.

The flush toilet tucked in the corner.

How does the cost of RV rental compare to staying in hotels? Yesterday Eileen asked about comparing the cost of RV rental to hotel travel. I would say it costs about the same or a little less. In addition to the rental cost (plus pre-paid mileage fees), you have to consider gas, propane refills if needed, park or campground fees, and food. I would estimate the cost for this twenty-five day RV trip will be about the same or a little more than our normal week-long trip to Arizona by airline, staying in a hotel, and eating in restaurants. Plus, with an RV we have the flexibility to go where we want and see the country along the way. Priceless!

If you have a question, please leave it in the comment section and I'll share the answer with my readers. Thanks Eileen. -- Margy


  1. Sounds like fun Margy! We're planning our first big RV trip this summer across Canada so I'm interested in reading about your adventures.

    1. Following in Barb's footsteps. That will be a wonderful adventure. - Margy


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