Saturday, February 16, 2019

Wayne and Margy's Rental RV Trip Log 2

Trip Log Part 2

Monday, January 28 -- We left our site at Armitage County Park by 8:30 am. Traveling in an RV makes packing up much quicker than when we tent camp.  Wayne unplugs our power, water, and cable TV. I make sure everything in the RV is secure for road travel.

We had fog all the way through Oregon.

We've been eating sweet rolls and orange juice on the road rather than cooking something on long travel days. Our goal is to get to Southern California during this period of mild weather, and we'll make it unless something unexpected happens. I-5 is a good choice if you want to get to Southern California as quick as possible. It has four or more lanes all the way. Even through it's a thoroughfare, the scenery is beautiful.

Over the pass to California with Mt. Shasta to greet us.

We drove another 375 miles today. Fog continued until we stopped in Ashland, Oregon for gas. but the visibility was okay for driving.  Using two legs of about 185 miles each seems to work for our bums in the seats and the need to use restroom facilities.

Our Sacramento River site at the Durango RV Resort.

We picked Red Bluff, California, as our destination. I used the Allstays app to select the Durango RV Resort because of it's amenities, location and nearby shopping. We splurged on a Sacramento River waterfront site. As a treat, we walked to Shari's restaurant for an early dinner. When we got back, there were high clouds. Even so, it was warm enough to sit outside until sunset and enjoy our river view.

The mighty Sacramento River heading south.

RV Bedroom -- I thought I would share something about our El Monte RV rental. We picked their 22-foot Coachman Leprechaun because it is small, easy to handle and park, and has the bed on the main floor. It's queen-size and there's plenty of storage overhead for clothes and things you would need at night. The propane heater keeps us warm all night. The door on the right goes into the small bathroom. I'll show you more about that tomorrow.

Our bedroom area at the back of the RV.

Thanks for joining us on our rental RV adventure.  Do you camp our use an RV when you travel? What are you favourite things about getting out on the road? -- Wayne and Margy


  1. Hello, I have thought about the RV rental. I am not sure if the cost of gas, RV rental, campground and insurance would be cheaper than a hotel/motel? I love the view of Mt Shasta. Have a happy day and week ahead.

    1. Thanks for the question. I answered it basked on what Wayne and I usually pay for a week-long airline trip to Arizona with hotels and meals. You can see my answer in tomorrow's post. - Margy

  2. This looks like fun. There are a lot of campers around here. I've never done it. Hubby won't do any sort of camping! HE camped the first 12 years of his life, on the farm, no hydro or plumbing!

    1. Camping isn't for everyone for sure. I don't really consider RV travel camping, having grown up as a tent camper. But it is a nice way to travel with so many places set up for RVs and trailers these days, even public parks. - Margy


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