Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Ideal Cafe in Campbell River, BC

If you read my post about our North Vancouver Island road trip (if not, click here), I mentioned stopping at the Ideal Cafe not once, but twice. We had breakfast there heading north and returning south on our four day excursion.

The Ideal Cafe has been in operation in Campbell River, BC, since the early 40s. It's a favourite for locals and visitors alike.

If you were just passing by, you might not be tempted to stop. But don't let the humble exterior fool you. Inside it's a classic diner style cafe with good eats and friendly wait staff.

New owners in 2011 made improvements without losing it's character catering to loggers, fishermen and families.

It's open for breakfast and lunch from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm. We go mostly for breakfast, but on occasion arrive at lunchtime for a sandwich large enough to share. In addition to their regular items, there are daily specials and all day breakfast, a huge plus for Wayne. And it's a licensed establishment offering spirits including some unique "hard" shakes.

You can find out more about the Ideal Cafe online:
Click on "view larger map" for a better view of the location for the Ideal Cafe. They are between the split of Highway 19 north of Campbell River. You can enter their large parking lot from both the north and southbound sides. We've even parked there with a truck and quad trailer with no problem.

Next door is Ideal Tackle filled with reasonably priced new and used fishing gear. Now how good is that? Fill your tummies and then go out and catch something fresh for dinner.

What are some of your favourite restaurants, cafes and dives. -- Margy

Sunday, September 1, 2019

"Out of the Silence: After the Crash" by Eduardo Strauch and Mireya Soriano

Wayne and I share a Kindle account and have recently joined the Amazon Kindle Unlimited program. For $9.99 a month, we both have access to free ebooks. Not all Kindle titles are available, but there's lots to choose from. And it's a good way to discover indy authors that might otherwise go unnoticed.

My first unlimited ebook was Out of the Silence: After the Crash by Eduardo Strauch and Mireya Soriano (Amazon Crossing, 2019). It's an account of the 1972 plane crash stranding a Uruguayan rugby team and its supporters on a glacier high in the Andes.

Of the 45 people on board, 28 survived the crash. Reports heard on a small radio gave hope for a quick rescue. Ten days later, the devastating news came that the search had been called off. Yet, after 72 days and a miraculous trek out of the mountains by two of the men, 16 were finally rescued.

Eduardo Strauch was a young architect at the time of the crash. He recently chose to tell his story following the discovery and return of his jacket and wallet by a hiker exploring the old crash site. It has recently become a destination for survivors, families and explorers.

The book depicts the harrowing experience to survive even after hope for a rescue was extinguished. It's a testament to the will to live, and finding spiritual strength in the face of adversity both on the mountain and after returning home.

Other books and media about the El Milagro de los Andes (The Miracle in the Andes) include:
What have you been reading? -- Margy