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My name is Margy Lutz. I live in a float cabin on Powell Lake in British Columbia, but it hasn't always been so. 

I was born and raised in Compton, California. Compton is a suburb swallowed up by sprawling Los Angeles, but when I was a kid it had a small town feel. I grew up riding horses in the Los Angeles riverbed. I camped each summer with my parents who were educators with time off, but not lots of money. I also visited my grandparents who had rural acreage in Waterford, an even smaller town in Central California.

So, even though I was born cityfolk, I developed a love for the outdoors and adventure.  I married Wayne, a pilot and fellow adventurer. With our Piper Arrow airplane, we've traveled and camped throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada. That's how we discovered our new home in Powell River, BC.

Wayne and I became Canadian permanent residents in 2008 and live about 75% of the year in our off-the-grid float cabin home.  

You can read more about our lifestyle and float cabin living at the Powell River Books Blog. I also write about riding a quad (ATV) in the Powell River backcountry at Powell River Quad Rides. Wayne has also written a series of books called Coastal BC Stories about our lifestyle and adventures.

Margy Meanders is my newest blog. This is where I will share posts about topics including cooking, crafts, and travel (we do enjoy getting away even though every day at home is like a vacation).

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  1. Nice to read your comment on my blog ,by the way I learnt to know you and will follow your blog , ciao

    1. Thanks for the follow Andrea. If you ever have a question please leave a comment on a post or send me a personal email through the link on my Contact page. - Margy

  2. How cool to have your own plane and live on a float cabin!!!
    I want to be you in my next life!


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