Sunday, February 10, 2019

Wayne and Margy's Rental RV Trip Log 5

Trip Log Part 5

Thursday, January 31 -- Got up before 8:00 as usual but we didn't need to go anywhere today. I went back to Cha Cha's Tacos and brought back our breakfast. Wayne did have huevos rancheros and I got a machaca breakfast burrito.

Keeping up with my journal in addition to my blog.

Yesterday I had time to sit out in the warmth to get caught up in my journal. In addition to this blog, I'm keeping a written record of our trip and I'm using my new graphic pens and watercolour pencils to illustrate our travels. Thank you to the Comox Valley Art Council's 30-day drawing challenge for getting me inspired.

A page from my illustrated trip journal.

We used our day off to listen to the rain and thunder, read, write, watch TV and take showers here at the Mission RV Park. I'm so impressed with this small, friendly, well kept place to stay. If you are traveling by RV in the area I highly recommend it. Be sure to call ahead in all seasons. It's a popular spot for long-term residents.

Friday, February 1 -- The weatherman was right. The rain stopped Thursday in the early evening. We got up early to get to Arizona during a short good weather window before the next storm arrives. We left the Mission RV Park by 8:00.

Lupine starting to bloom along the road near Chiriaco Summit, CA.

We were one block from I-10 so that was our route to Phoenix. The trip was 365 miles in total so we stopped about half way in Blythe for gas and a stretch. We stopped again in Goodyear for another stretch, so went ahead and got more gas. You can never have too much.

Crossing the Colorado River into Arizona.

At Phoenix we turned south, continuing on I-10 to Casa Grande. We picked the Fiesta Grande RV Resort because it was near restaurants.  We can cook, but Wayne and I enjoy eating out once in a while. Well, maybe more than once in a while. It's been three times already this trip. We walked next door to the Thirsty Donkey. They have a unique lineup of 40 craft beer taps. You get a bracelet to make your selections and pay by the ounce. I was able to sample three beers for $8.00.

Yellow roadside flowers near Salome, AZ.

The Fiesta Grande is a mix of small mobile homes, seasonal RVers and a few overnighters like us. It's 55+ age restricted. That's common here in Arizona. We don't have cable TV or Internet so I'm using my iPad's hotspot. Then we are going to watch a Netfix movie downloaded to Wayne's iPad. Tough life!

Site 33 at the Fiesta Grande RV Resort.

Tomorrow we will head to Tucson for the RV Show. We aren't buying, just want to see what's available. Then we are going to hunker down again to wait out another two days of rain. What did we do, bring it with us from Washington? If so, it's our present to the water starved Southwest. -- Margy


  1. views are beautiful...
    have a great day

  2. I’ve enjoyed catching up with your rv trip this morning, Logging everything is a great idea then you know costs of everything. Enjoy the RV show, we usually go just to see what is availabke but we have become hotel campers.

    1. We have been hotel "camping" for a number of years as Wayne follows his sports teams. This is a nice way to travel and have a place to stay when we get to the university locations. - Margy

  3. Thanks you for the gift of rain here in S CA... really coming down today, and we need it!! I like how you're so organized with a trip log. Makes it fun to follow your progress!

    1. I'm glad you are getting a bit of rain whether is is our present or not. Just hope the burn areas survive. It's a good time for us to be away from Powell River, lots of snow and sub-zero temperatures (on the Celsius scale). - Margy


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