Tuesday, March 10, 2015

IFR Flight to Jefferson County Airport

Landing on Runway 09 at Jefferson County.
Wayne and I took 997 on an IFR (instrument flight rules) training flight to Jefferson County International Airport (0S9).  Jefferson County is about four miles from the historic Victorian seaport town of Port Townsend on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State.

We departed Bellingham International, our home airport, for the half hour flight to Port Townsend. Wayne and I are still learning how to use our Garmin 430W IFR-rated GPS for RNAV (aRea NAVigation) approaches. Small airports like Jefferson County can now have IFR approaches for airplanes to use in weather with low visibility.

iPad interface with Garmin 430W.
The flight took us over Whidbey Island with the snow capped Olympic Range ahead of us. But we both were too busy for much sightseeing. Talking to ATC (air traffic control), watching for other planes (it was a beautiful clear day), and paying attention to the navigation instruments kept us pretty busy.

Our new navigation technology helped us out a lot. The Garmin Flightstream with Bluetooth technology let Wayne use his iPad to receive moving map information from our GPS on a larger display. And the Garmin Pilot software  includes FAA approved charts with a real-time display of the plane's position. This flight was to help us learn how to use these features more effectively.

Another reason for coming was to have lunch at the airport's Spruce Goose Cafe. Airport cafes are well know for excellent homecooking. The Spruce Goose fits the mold. Whether you come for breakfast, lunch or dinner, the food is great. We shared a Caesar salad, beef dip sandwich, and a chocolate shake.

They were all good, but that shake really hit the spot. Flying is such thirsty work!

Port Townsend, Jefferson County Airport.
The Jefferson County Airport is a step back into time. It reminded us of how flying used to be before all of the craziness led to fences everywhere. Runway 09/27 is lighted and 3000' in length. Fuel (100LL) is available by credit card 24 hours at the self-serve pump. There is ample parking both on the paved ramp and on well maintained grass. If you are arriving from Canada, Jefferson County is an international airport of entry. Call ahead to arrange for customs.

Spruce Goose Cafe
The airport is about four miles from town (a very long walk even by our standards). The Peninsula/Key City Taxi has 24 hour service to and from Port Townsend. They can be reached at (360) 385-1872.

Whether you arrive by car, ferry or airplane, put Port Townsend on your list of places to visit in the near future. -- Margy


  1. What a nice way to get from Bellingham to Port Townsend - especially in lovely weather.

    1. I sure beat driving. We also used to take our boat when we had one in Bellingham. Now that Mom is gone, we have taken our boat north to Powell River. But we have some great memories about boating in the Bellingham area. - Margy


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