Friday, March 27, 2015

Baseball Spring Training in Phoenix

This is the third year that we've gone to baseball spring training in Phoenix, Arizona. The first year we accidentally found the games during a spring sun-cation from our still cloudy and rainy home at the cabin. Since then it has become an annual tradition in March.

This trip we took in three spring training baseball games. The Phoenix area hosts the Cactus League of pro teams. Because we have a link to the State of Washington, we chose to attend Seattle Mariners games.

We saw them play the San Diego Padres, the Chicago Cubs, and the Kansas City Royals at their home field in Peoria. We had excellent seats for all three games that cost only $29 each. Seats in a similar spot during the regular season would cost $75-$100 if you could get them at face value. Not!

Cano up at bat. First string players start all of the games.

We got a room at the La Quinta Inns and Suites across the street. Within walking distance are stores, restaurants and, of course, the stadium. Sweet suite! Rooms with free breakfast, Internet and parking are $199 even in this prime season. Suites run for $229. Less with senior or AAA. We opted for a suite for our extended stay. A fridge and microwave allowed us to easily use our mobile meal kit for two dinners. The third we tried the Texas Roadhouse across the street. Lots of good food at the happy hour price of $8.99!

Second string and new players come in at the end.
Each team has their own or a shared stadium for the season.  Games are at 1:05 pm daily from early March through early April.  In addition, there are a few night games. Other teams in the Cactus League include the Arizona Diamondbacks, Cincinnati Reds, Chicago White Sox, Cleveland Indians, Colorado Rockies, Los Angeles Angels and Dodgers, Oakland A's, Milwaukee Brewers, San Francisco Giants, and Texas Rangers.

One reason the teams come to Phoenix is the weather. Look at this gorgeous day of 85 degrees with a slight breeze to keep the sweat away.

Hats were the order of the day, and Wayne and I used sunscreen liberally. Good thing, our winter white British Columbian skin would have burned bright red in no time flat.

Cooler night games under the lights.
Need a place to head for a spring sun-cation?

Try going to spring training baseball games. You can usually get last minute tickets in the outfield area, or purchase better ones online for resale.

Oh, and don't forget the wonderful sunshine as an added bonus. -- Margy


  1. Looks like a fun time! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. What fun - we used to go to spring training in Yuma, AZ when we lived in the Imperial Valley. We took Don's aunt one year (she was visiting from Wisconsin)

    1. I guess they have moved around. They also used to have spring training games in Tucson, but not any more. - Margy


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