Friday, March 6, 2015

Fly the Sunny Skies

This has been an amazing winter. February and March (so far) have had more sunny days than I can ever remember for this time of year. Perfect weather for flying.

We took 997 out of her hangar at Bellingham Airport for some IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) practice. (Stop by next week for the rest of the story.) Practicing in sunny skies makes us more proficient when the clouds return and we have to fly without visual contact with our surroundings. Kind of like flying blind, but the instruments tell us everything we need to know.

Heading back into Bellingham on the approach to Runway 16 we could see Mt. Baker in the distance capped by a wispy cloud. Then on final, we could see her lofty snow capped peaks over the wing.  What a nice day to enjoy blue skies up close and personal. -- Margy


  1. Wonderful shots - what views you must have from up there. One time we were flying into Bellingham, coming home from Wisconsin and the pilot circled Mt. Baker - it was amazing - I got photos too - what good fortune.

  2. Yes, the weather has been stellar in the Pacific Northwest. It was 65 here yesterday. Nice but not nearly as nice as the beautiful green lushness in your photos. You live in such a wonderful area - you have it all - mountains, ocean, big cities, small ones all nearby - wonderful bookstores and gardening - great choice for retirement!

  3. what a's been pretty cold down here..but luckily, we still see the blue sky :)..happy friday..

  4. Beautiful! There have been so many nice days - a big foggy this morning but very nice out now. I am getting my cushions out for my lawn furniture this week - too warm to pretend like Spring is not here early :)

  5. We've had the blue skies in Central Ontario but NOT the warm weather. :))


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