Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Snowbird RV Adventure: Patagonia to Pima County Fairgrounds RV Park

Days 18-19

December 2: It was hard to leave Patagonia Lake State Park after only four days. We enjoyed it so much we are scheduled to return twice more during our 2020-21 Snowbird RV Adventure. 

To get to our next destination, the Pima County Fairgrounds RV Park, we retraced our route up Arizona Highway 82 through Sonoita then Highway 83 north. This time we had to go through the U.S. Border Patrol immigration inspection checkpoint outside of Sonoita. Things like that are scary for me.

Highway 83 has a twisty, hilly section. On a tight curve our anti-locking brake system warning came on. I read the manual while Wayne found a turnout. We followed the directions, but it wouldn't reset. We called O'Reilly Chevy in Tucson. We would need to leave the RV for a few days. It took half an hour to pack for a hotel stay. When we got back on the road, the system reset. Next time we'll know to be patient. We called and cancelled.

Distancing was easy in the almost empty park.
When we got to the Fairgrounds and checked in, it was evident that COVID-19 has taken a toll. There were only a handful of RVs in their large 350 site facility. 

The camp host told us last year's fair was cancelled and they still don't know about the 2021 season. Most public activities have been put on hold as well. They are hanging on, but just barely. We were happy to help with our small site fee of $54 for two nights with full hookups.

December 3: We've come to Pima Fairgrounds three years in a row. The first was in a rental RV in 2019. We came specifically to attend the La Mesa RV Show. Attending RV shows is a great way to see what different makes and models have to offer. Their shows are once a month and we've been three times. 

During the night we had another RV incident. The built-in propane heater quit generating heat. To stay warm, we used our portable electric heater. 

Thanks to a recommendation from our good friend Dave in Powell River, we always carry one. It's also an easy way to warm the RV in the morning when we have an electric hookup.

Pima Fairgrounds RV Park headquarters with propane available.

We called the Lazydays RV dealer (next door to the KOA). They didn't have a maintenance opening until January 9. I called the KOA to get a recommendation for a mobile tech. They recommended Ryan of Country Wide RV Services. He had an opening on Saturday, two days away. We changed our plans and made an appointment to meet up with him at Lazydays. 

Camping at Gilbert Ray in Tucson Mountain Park would have to wait for two days. RVing has taught us to be flexible, especially so on this trip. -- Margy

Right now RV sales are up. They are a great way to get out in a safe, distanced manner. We purchased our 25' Forest River Sunseeker at an RV show at Bellis Fair Mall next door to our Bellingham condo in 2019. If you are interested in RVs, I highly recommend looking at a variety of makes and models at shows and dealers. I also recommend renting one for a camping test. That will help you pick the size and style that best fits your needs. - Margy


  1. I love that you're still able to do what you love - travel adventures! My folks had an RV and did a lot of traveling. The best way to go.

  2. I wouldn't want to leave that Patagonia area either, it had so much to offer in nature. Sorry about your misadventures, but you always seem to bounce back strong. Wishing you a lovely December.

  3. Well thanks but no thanks for Arizona for me. Being a diehard really cold winter Minnesotan and always going north to Canada and for summer vacations I think I would prefer to visit a winter place along the Pacific ocean as my winter retreat. My son and family live in a Phoenix suburb. He tells me that when the temperature drops to 99 in the summer they turn off the air conditioners because it's too darn cold. Then he and the family of seven come up to Minnesota so he can go lake or trout fishing under the blue skies and blue water of Minnesota :-) Ray


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