Thursday, December 3, 2020

Snowbird RV Adventure: Back to Lazydays then Patagonia Lake State Park

Days 10-13

Lazydays has shady spots covered by solar panels.

November 24-27: At Catalina, a tooth started hurting. It's been a problem, but never this bad. My dentist back in Bellingham recommended finding a local dentist. I Googled emergency dentist and found Tucson Spectrum Dentistry

I got a same day appointment! Dr. Roberts couldn't find the source, but gave me antibiotics for a suspected infection. If you are in Tucson with a dental problem, I can't recommend his high tech office enough.

My dental issue made a return to Lazydays the best option.

We cancelled at Tombstone RV Park. Even on the same day they didn't charge us. We'll be adding them to our April travel schedule for sure.

At Lazydays KOA we picked a covered spot. Our neighbours had a Thanksgiving get-together with lots of people. We stayed distanced, but the host brought us a turkey plate with all the trimmings. We saved our BBQ salmon and enjoyed their thoughtful gesture.

Days 14-15

Western style Steak Out Restaurant in Sonoita.
November 28-29: My tooth was better so we continued south to Patagonia Lake State Park. We drove through foothills on Highway 83 and took a break for a takeout burger at The Steak Out. This is free-range cattle country. Their specialty is steak and samples in a case looked succulent. Someday we want to return for one.

Highway 82 took us to the park. It's only 70 miles south of Tucson but feels worlds away. I made reservations six months ago online so we had prime lakefront site #19.

Site #19 at Patagonia Lake State Park

Patagonia Lake is in a valley surrounded by rolling hills covered with grasses, and mesquite and cottonwood trees along the shore and nearby Sonoita Creek.

Patagonia Lake is a refuge for humans and birds alike.

Patagonia Lake is popular in all seasons. Fall and winter draws RVers and campers wanting sun and warmth. Spring and summer are especially popular with bird watchers. Watersports on a hot summer day are a huge draw.

The Patagonia Marina offers canoe, rowboat, paddle boat and pontoon boat rentals. Water-access only campsites would be fun. A boat launch ramp and ample trailer parking allows boat owners easy access. 

Seasonal weekend pontoon boat tours from October to April look like fun. We are returning in January and April so we will check that out ourselves. -- Margy



Wayne and I stock our RV with emergency supplies including extra medications, a first aid kit, and prescription medicines such as antibiotics, EpiPens and pain medication for immediate emergencies. If something major occurs, we alter our plans and head to a city with emergency dental and medical services. 

On this leg of our trip, I had a dental emergency. We diverted to Tucson and stayed there long enough to ensure my issue was better before continuing our trip. Check your insurance plans to make sure you can get the care you need where you plan to travel. Living isn't worry free, but if you plan ahead it's much easier.

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  1. How nice to follow your adventures on land.

  2. Beautiful photos of a pretty area, and glad your dental problem in on the mend!

  3. Growing up in the deserts of Nevada, I think desert areas have a special kind of magic that many miss if one is not open to a different kind of environment that doesn't scream green. Working for state parks here in Tennessee for twenty years, I met quite a few people living out of their home on wheels as they traveled the country. Personally I like my feet on the ground in my yard with a house :) but I wish you continued pleasant adventures while in Arizona and beyond. Have a great holiday season.

  4. Most excellent adventures you have. We have been blessed with being able to find good medical and dental care on our various trips.

  5. Looks like you hve been having a great trip---even with the tooth issues, from FFavorites, Sandi

  6. Hope that tooth gets sorted out. Murray just lost a crown and so had to go in for some repair work. Luckily the dentist could see him almost immediately, but the tooth couldn't be saved and had to be pulled. Patagonia Lake looks gorgeous. Safe travels.

  7. You poor thing! I hope all si well!

  8. Am here from Skywatch. Looks like you had clear blue skies. Hope you have no more problems with your tooth.

  9. I first thought Patagonia in south America. :-)
    Ever since I visited US south west I am in love with this area.

  10. What wonderful adventures! You found some great places and scenery. And, I'm glad you found a good dentist, too!

    It's great to see your link at 'My Corner of the World' this week!


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