Saturday, July 4, 2020

Exploring Bellingham: Window Hummingbird Feeder

Our condo balcony with a window hummingbird feeder.
In addition to our daily exercise walks, park visits and grocery shopping, Wayne and I are spending a lot of time indoors these days. Probably the same as you.

I miss my garden and visiting critters back home at the float cabin on Powell Lake.

To bring a bit of nature into our living space, I bought a geranium to tend and a hummingbird feeder to watch.

Because our cityfolk condo in Bellingham is on the third floor, I didn't want a hanging feeder that would drip. I researched online and found a model that could sit on a flat surface. I ordered one ffrom Fred Meyer for parking lot pickup. Unfortunately, it wasn't available.

The ant moat with suction cups is on the left, and the feeder insert on the right.

Then I discovered window feeders. The railing around our condo's balcony has a glass insert, so I chose the Juegoal Window Hummingbird Feeder that shipped direct from Amazon.

It's hard to get a closeup with my iPhone through the window.
It comes with an ant moat that attaches to the glass with two suction cups. The feeder lifts out for easy cleaning. I leave it in place to fill to prevent sugar water spills. I haven't needed to fill the ant moat with water, but back home up the lake it was a necessity.

Almost immediately, a hummingbird came to the feeder. Maybe my geranium with bright pink flowers enticed him (or her) all the way up to the third floor.

I've only seen one hummingbird, but he faithfully comes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Sitting on the built-in perch enjoying sips of sugar water.

He must be keeping the ready supply of food a secret, unlike what happened back home. Here's a video of a hummingbird feeding frenzy at the float cabin.

Do you have bird feeders? What kinds of birds visit your home?


  1. Your new feeder worked so quickly. What is amazing is that the hummingbird found it so quickly. Or maybe the there's more than one with the same sense of smell and direction.

  2. He (or she) can't keep it for long secret :-)
    We have birdfeeder for the winter time, and there are always still leftover apples and berries in the garden.

  3. The new feeder really worked fast. The hummingbird was probably excited when it was first noticed. Maybe he'll bring along some friends when he comes back.
    Have a grand day!

  4. ...I tried a hummingbird feeder, but we have so fews flowers, our place just didn't look attractive.

  5. i have never had such excitement at my hummingbird feeders. i have 2, one that hangs and one identical to yours. i have just started to see them at my feeders!! i have so many birds at my feeders, too many to list!!

    your little spot on your deck is adorable, cute and cozy!!!

  6. Good luck with your hummingbird feeders. Once they find a feeder they ten to come back regularly. Ours is dripping so I need to replace it.

  7. A friend of ours has a window mounted bird feeder, and one day we wee amused to see a squirrel fit itself into the little chamber against the window -- very entertaining.

    be well... mae at

  8. Hey interesting----I might try one of those too. I know you miss your cabin home---you will get there soon. Is it because you can't get across the border unless you quarantine just across the border?

  9. I have a hanging feeder for hummingbirds. Once in a while I see one test it. I'm reluctant to use a window feeder because I am a klutz with suction cups.

  10. What a great movie of the hummingbirds.
    These birds do not occur here in the Netherlands.
    My husband has made a bird cage on our balcony, which attracts many sparrows.
    Best regards Irma

  11. Good idea to install a window bird feede to watch the hummingbirds. Hope you will be able to get back to your cabin hope real soon.

  12. Hello, I am glad you found a way to have the hummer feeder at the condo, it looks nice. They are so cute to watch. The feeding frenzy video is awesome! I am sure your hummers at the cabin miss you. Thank you for linking up your post. Enjoy your day, have a great new week! PS, thanks for the visit and comment.

  13. What a great idea!
    We've birds galore, thankfully. They do entertain.
    You must miss gardening and your lovely home. I'm so sorry.
    We're trying to get out walking, JB goes into town in the early hours, when it is quiet.
    I heard of a common-law couple, he Canadian, she American, who've been living in a motorhome in the US. They tried to come up to Canada, but they wouldn't let her in. They turned around to go back and they wouldn't let him back in the US. So he's stuck in Canada, without her. You sure wish people would do their research...

  14. One hummer is all you need! That’s a great feeder and a fabulous idea, both it and the geranium. I don’t have feeders and I miss them. We used to, but gave them up when we sold out to travel. Then I had them again when we settled in the same spot at the Lake here every spring and summer, but gave them up again when we moved to town.

  15. really loved to see the hummingbirds :)

  16. We have lots of bird feeders - but hummingbirds is rather exotic to me :)

  17. I know a lot of people love the window feeders. It sure makes it fun to see them up close. We have a couple of squirrel proof feeders in our courtyard and have a variety of birds that visit every day. Enjoy your week!

  18. Happy the hummingbirds found you. Happy Monday
    I am at #20 on the linky


  19. I like that ant moat feature. I'd get one of those if I put up a feeder. I'm not interested in cleaning a feeder, so I plant flowers for any hummingbird passing through.

  20. Margy - so glad you found a feeder that works for your current environment. (And the feeding frenzy video - is that crazy, or what?) I have two hummingbird feeders, and I put them on opposite ends of the chain that holds all my feeders, so that the hummers won't be as territorial. I have two suet feeders, one Nyjer sock, two sunflower feeders and an oriole feeder (new this year and no orioles yet). Our most common visitors are nuthatches, pine siskins, house finches, red-winged blackbirds, downy and hairy woodpeckers, flickers and chickadees. Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  21. Dear Margy,

    That set-up sure is enticing no wonder the humming bird arrived without much ado.

    I leave water for the birds out in our balconies. Keeping grains was proving to be a damper due to the pigeon menace.
    We usually have Mynahs visit us and I feed them grapes and papaya.

    The other day we had a red vented Bulbul visit us for the grapes on our creeper on the terrace. A delightful sight to behold.

    The humming birds are adorable and sound like energetic bees. :)

    Our #WW linky is now live. Hop in:

    Thank you for this lovely post.

  22. That's a great hummingbird feeder and just what I need. I haven't had much luck with taking photos through the window. The birds zoom away when I approach, and there are too many reflections.

  23. hummingbirds is one of my favorite birds, your window looks as the best place to watch birds fly around.

    Thank you for sharing video.

  24. I also love my hummingbirds. They surly are busy including the ocasional fight!.:)

  25. OH MY!! I love the window feeder, I've seen the ones for seed but not hummingbird. NOW I have to go get one. Last year we had several hummers but not this year :(
    Good gracious I'd wet my pants with glee if I had a feeding frenzy like yours at the cabin. HOW FAB
    Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

  26. Wonderful feeder. We feed the hummingbirds here too and it's a delight to see them each day. Makes hubby and I smile.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

  27. Uau! Lovely birds and photos!
    Thank you for sharing them!
    All the best and thank you for the visit.


  28. I am very amazed! I didn't know until today that there are hummingbirds in Canada as well. I thought they lived only in the tropics.
    See, an evil is always placed next to a good. You stay in the house for a long time and it's uncomfortable, but you're glad you can feed and watch such a bird.

    Have a great day, Margy!

  29. I love your hummingbird. I wish we had those where I live. We only have squirrels, rabbits, birds and ducks overhead & an eagle or two. Hmmmmm guess we have a lot. I live by Fox River. I still would like to see a hummingbird though! Have a great day!

  30. How fun to see them up close! Lovely captures as always!

  31. Fantastic Margy. I love the feeder and the frenzy was a delight.

    I am sure you are loving the feathered beauties hanging around your condo. I had a bird feeder for sparrows, parakeets that helped keep rock pigeons away. Though it quickly became the squirrels' favorite place, I was too happy to feed the two species I mentioned above. After some years the pigeons got a hang of eating from it. Unfortunately I had to stop using it.

  32. Hi! I've missed you're occasional posts to Insta. Happy to see you are safe and well. I'll enjoy perusing your blog😀

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  34. You have a visiting humming bird, how special! We have crows, pigeons, and sparrows on the regular. Also these tiny green birds that I don't know the name of, along with the occassional bulbul.

    Shinjini | Modern Gypsy -

  35. I had 2 feeders out back in May, but only one came ever so infrequently. The sugar water was turning moldy and finally I took it away. I used to get several, but nothing like your video.

  36. Hummingbirds are a fantastic view. Unfortunately they do not live in Finland. Enjoy them!


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