Friday, March 6, 2020

Snowbird RV Adventure Part 1: Our Run for the Border

Part 1: Days 3 - 4

Trying to avoid snow in the mountain pass like February 2018.
November 6: We started our Snowbird RV Adventure in early November to make it through the mountain pass between Oregon and California before ice and snow.

Last year on our rental RV trip, heavy snow stranded us for a day as we were trying to get north. We definitely didn't want that to happen again. Wayne grew up in snowy Upstate New York, but even he didn't like the conditions. I grew up in sunny Southern California. For me it was even scarier seeing cars stuck in snowbanks.

Grocery store parking lots often have drive through spaces.
Day three was our longest driving time so far, five and a half hours. We got an early (foggy again) start and broke it up into three more manageable segments.

First we stopped at a Denny's in Medford for breakfast. It was next door to a grocery store with excellent parking.

It's hard to pass up their crispy Pancake Puppies with cream cheese icing for dipping.

We stopped at the Weed Rest Area in the pass to take pictures of Mt. Shasta, and finally got gas at an easy off and on station just before Redding thanks to Google maps satellite view.

Mt. Shasta with very little snow for this time of year.

Our destination for the night was the Durango RV Resort in Red Bluff, California. We stayed here twice last year on our rental RV trip. It has lots of amenities and is located within easy walking distance to a shopping center. As a treat, we walked to Shari's for an early dinner. We shared the restaurant with several tables of Cal Fire firefighters. There are fires burning in many parts of California right now.

November 7: After three days of steady driving, we wanted a break. We asked for three nights, but could only get two. A large group was arriving on Friday for the weekend. This is the Durango Resort's busy season for RV clubs.

Site #25 next to the clubhouse is pull in for motorhomes, back in for trailers.

The view of the Sacramento River from the park.
Last year we had a Sacramento River front site. This time we were along the fountain parkway. They also have pull-through sites.

The fountain site is $60 but they have a 10% senior and Good Sam discount, and 15% for veterans.

The second night we walked over to Luigi's Pizza. They deliver to your rig with a 10% discount, but we opted to eat in. We had the beef dip special and an antipasto salad. Next trip we'll try the pizza. It looked delicious heading to other tables!

The fountain parkway at the Durango RV Resort.

Building in extra rest nights after long driving legs helps you stay alert for the next segment of your RV trip. And after all, it's supposed to be a vacation even while you are traveling.

Trip Mileage Log
Leg - 347 miles
Total - 722 miles

Stay tuned for more of our travelogue blog posts and get some handy tips from two RVing newbies. -- Wayne and Margy


  1. Lots of driving, nice places to stay.

    1. After the first three days we've been able to slow down and enjoy different parts of California. - Margy

  2. A great adventure to travel and see the country in an RV. I envy you guys. Safe travels. Thelma.

    1. Thanks Thelma. We are really enjoying this new way of traveling for us. - Margy

  3. What fun. I miss the days when Barb and I took long distant trips all over the U.S. and Canada camping.....

    1. We wanted to do this now while we can. I don't have a bucket list, but if I did, I would put this on it. - Margy

  4. What a wonderful idea that is--storing your RV in other lands to continue your adventure another day. It's so sensible. I could definitely do something like this. :-)

    1. Years ago when we traveled to Canada in our airplane for summer vacations we did this. I only got two weeks of vacation, so I spread them out. The first week we flew the plane from Los Angeles to BC and from there exploring north and east. Then we returned to Victoria BC were we stored the plane for a week and returned to LA by airliner. Then the next weekend we returned to pick up our plane to explore some more and then fly back home. We figured it worked with planes, why not our RV. - Margy

  5. Replies
    1. It has been. We tried it last year with a rental RV just to make sure it was something we would like before purchasing one. - Margy

  6. I love RV life! Glad you get to experience it ... and that park sounds like a great one.

    1. We like to alternate between county/state parks and private places. The public parks have more character, the private ones have nice amenities. Gives us the best of both worlds since our trip is a fairly long one. - Margy


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