Tuesday, July 16, 2019

RV Camping in Silver Lake Park's Red Mountain Campground

The entrance to lush Silver Lake Park
The last time Wayne and I were in Bellingham, we took the RV out for a two night stay in Whatcom County's Red Mountain Campground at nearby Silver Lake Park. It's just 32 miles east of Bellingham past Maple Falls on the Mt. Baker Highway. It's close, but far from the hustle and bustle.

Once you leave town, a two lane road takes you through picturesque farmland then forest. On the way you pass the North Fork Brewery, Pizzeria and Beer Shrine in Deming. Gotta stop there some day!

Getting fixed up at Discount Tire.
Before we could head out, we had to make a stop. At the RV storage facility we discovered one of our dual rear tires was flat.

We went to the new Discount Tire store and in less than an hour the puncture made by a screw was fixed.

To our amazement, it was free. What amazing customer service! You know where we'll go the next time we need new tires.

There are three campgrounds to choose from and all three take reservations. Cedar, near the lake, is small and best suited to tents and camper vans. There are also cabins to rent. Maple Creek, also near the lake, is closed until renovations are complete sometime in Summer 2019. It will accommodate both tents and RVs with water and power hookups.

Site #5 with a level pad, water, power, picnic table and fire ring.

We chose Red Mountain Campground. It has 28 sites, all with water and power for tents or RVs. Sites are close together, but trees and shrubs provide some privacy. The nightly cost is $24 for Whatcom County residents and $31 for others. There's also a $13 reservation fee. Unreserved spots are available first-come, first-serve.

One of the two stables at Red Mountain Campground.

Red Mountain is unique. It's also a horse camp. Two stables can each accommodate 32 horses in stalls. Trails through the park are easily accessed. Unfortunately, there weren't any horses while we were there. I love horses, always have.

We enjoyed our stay even though it rained off and on. There were  breaks for us to walk the area, then we just relaxed and read. What a great place for locals and tourists alike. Weekends are busy, but weekdays usually have spots available.

Indian Pipe emerging after the rain from the forest floor.

A trail behind our site led to the picnic shelter and outhouse (which was immaculate). On the way I found Indian Pipe plants pushing their way through the moist forest floor. They contain no chlorophyll and derive nourishment from fungus associated with tree roots. Rain following a dry spell causes the unique plants to send up white stems topped with a flower from their underground root balls. We were in the just right place at the just right time.

Have you been tent or RV camping lately? Where are some of your favourite places? -- Margy


  1. Margy - I have never seen Indian Pipe - so glad to view it in your post! We will be on another backcountry camping trip in a week after we finish hosting some neighbors from Ohio! Watch for a future post!

    1. It is such an unusual plant. There are a few other similar plants that don't have chlorophyll and feed off fungus and decaying matter. - Margy

  2. I've never been camping in an RV but that would be the way I'd want to go. The little flower is really pretty, and definitely new to me.

    I enjoyed your post at 'My Corner of the World' so much this week!

    My Corner of the World

    1. RV camping is new to us this year. We've always used tents in the past. To me it feels kind of like being a turtle, carrying my home on my back. - Margy

  3. You flat tyre will be long remembered for the lovely customer service - what goes around comes around and I'm talking not just your tyres! haha.
    Red Mountain campground in an RV looks like how I should have been camping this summer!
    Wren x

    1. It's amazing how many places there are close to town for camping up here in the Pacific Northwest. Summers can be crowded, but from September to early June you can go just about anywhere you want to stay. - Margy

  4. Decades ago I had a friend with a beautiful RV and went camping with her several times. Pretty great!

    1. This is our first. We bought it after renting a similar one for a three week trip last January/February. We are finally getting the hang of it and all the systems onboard. - Margy


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