Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Tallyrand Restaurant in Burbank, CA

We're in Southern California for a "suncation." We plan trips well in advance to get good sports tickets, airline seats, and hotel reservations. But we can't predict the weather, especially during El Nino.

El Nino is a weather phenomena that occurs when seawater warms at the equator in the Pacific Ocean. During winter, this spawns wetter conditions in California. California has been experiencing a terrible drought. They need the rain and snowfall in the mountains, but not so much all at once.

The skies cleared for our breakfast two days later.
We left the USC Radisson in huge pounding rain drops, and freeways slick with oil from millions of cars. We carefully skirted huge rivers of muddy water running down hilly side streets, watching it gush in the air as it rushed into storm drains.

On our way to Pasadena for a "vacation within a vacation" from USC sports events, we stopped at a restaurant called the Tallyrand that was recommended by our good friend Jeanne.

The Tallyrand in Burbank is famous for its turkey dinners. They cook 200 pounds each morning for their hot turkey sandwiches and dinners. They are also well known for their hearty breakfasts.

Wayne and I skipped our breakfast so we would be hungry for a 12:30 arrival at the Tallyrand. Inside we found a cozy coffee shop atmosphere with enough counter, booth and table space for the hungry crowd.

Turkey dinner smothered in gravy, yum!
Our waitress was bubbly and gave us a little show as she took our order. After all, Burbank is home to many television and movie studios.

Wayne and I ordered the $12.00 senior turkey dinner. Wayne got his with homemade soup and blueberry muffin. I got salad and sourdough. The turkey came with dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, and cranberry sauce. It was like a bit of Thanksgiving on a cold and rainy day, just what we needed.

We returned for their $6.20 breakfast special.
If you are in the Burbank area, and want a good homecooked style meal, head on over to the Tallyrand at 1700 W. Olive in Burbank.

Whether it's breakfast (yes, we had to go back again), lunch or dinner, you won't be disappointed.

Thanks for visiting part of my world this week. There are so many places to visit, savour, and enjoy. -- Margy


  1. Oh that sounds so good - now I want a turkey dinner - but guess I will have to fill up on the tacos that are planned for dinner. I've been watching the weather online to see what kind of weather you've been having on your "raincation" - seems it is working out that way anyway. Enjoy!

  2. Turkey dinner sounds good and it looks delicious too! So much rain is a trial for sure - here we've had too much and everywhere is flooded.
    Hope you enjoy your week!

  3. Breakfast is one of my favorite things to eat at a restaurant, especially pancakes!


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