Friday, January 8, 2016

I Love L.A.

That's the title of a signature song by Randy Newman about Los Angeles.

Our trip to Los Angeles has been a reminder of all the great things there are to do in Southern California. Here are some of the things we chose for our vacation:

USC basketball at the Galen Center.

Staples Center for a Lakers game.
  • Went to two USC men's basketball games, one with a very exciting final 4th quarter win over Arizona State.
  • Rode the Metro Rail, the easiest and cheapest way to get around town.
  • Saw the Lakers smash the Phoenix Suns. The cheer "We want tacos" encouraged the win. We cashed in our coupons at the Jack in the Box on Colorado Blvd. in Pasadena.

    Breaksfast at the Tallyrand.
    • Took a two day "vacation within a vacation" in Old Town Pasadena with the Hilton as our headquarters for strolling post Rose Parade Colorado Blvd.
    • Had a great home-style breakfast and lunch at the Tallyrand, a traditional coffee shop in Burbank recommended by our good friend Jeanne.
    • Used our old Vons grocery discount card to get deli meals for our hotel room. One good way to keep from eating to much while traveling.
    USC for sun and people watching.
    • Drove past Wayne's former apartment complex in Burbank as rivers of muddy water gushed down the hilly streets during an El Nino downpour.
    • And we got lots of sun sitting in the USC central quad between storms. After all, this was a "suncation" as well as a "sportscation." Got to store up that Vitamin D before we go home to more winter up the lake.

      Downtown Los Angeles skyline on a clear January day.
      Wayne did a great job as our travel agent. Everything went smoothly, and we made it through one of the first major rain storms of the El Nino season for Southern California. As an expat, I am rooting for them to end their terrible drought.

      Fight on, Los Angeles! -- Margy


      1. You certainly did have a great trip: good food, good fun and fine views and visits to great places! Love the skyline shot!

      2. My heart meanders with you through California. I'm glad you had such a grand time. The photos are wonderful. We have a couple days of partly cloudy here and then back to rain to welcome you home.

      3. Glad you had a good trip. My daughter is living out there now and working in Burbank.

      4. I have heard so much about LA but have never been there. Your's is a great and enjoyable trip. Always good to have a good tour guide to show the way.

      5. California needs rain but not torrential downpours, that's for sure.
        My basketball-referee husband would be SO jealous of your itinerary. We were in Los Angeles very briefly at the beginning of our last voyage, and only had time for my cousin Kim and her husband Don to drive us through some of their favourite parts of the city before we had lunch and they took us to the airport. I have always enjoyed California, but wouldn't want to drive in Los Angeles ever again.
        All the best to both of you for 2016.
        Hugs, K


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