Monday, November 23, 2015

Sportscation in Euguene, Oregon

Do you like to watch sports? High school? College? Professional? Why not combine that interest with your vacation plans. Games can be the main purpose of your trip, or an adjunct activity. Either way, taking a sportscation is a fun way to travel.

Wayne and I drove to Eugene, Oregon for the first leg of our fall sportscation.  We come here for lots of USC sporting events at the University of Oregon.

We checked in at the downtown Eugene Hilton. We like to stay here because it's within walking distance to Autzen Stadium for football, Matthew Knight Arena for basketball and volleyball, and the new Jane Sanders softball stadium that will open in 2016.

We timed our arrival to watch a women's volleyball game. We're USC fans, but enjoy watching other teams when SC isn't playing.

The Oregon women faced off against Washington, but weren't able to win over the No. 2 ranked Huskies despite an initial win in the first set. Volleyball is a new sport for us, and for this game we got excellent seats right up front and even with the net.

Several years ago we discovered a great breakfast spot, The Original Pancake House, and had to return on our way to the USC vs. Oregon football game the next morning.

There wan't time for us to get their signature Dutch Baby Apple Pancake, but anything at this popular Ducks hangout is great. Plus, it's right on the way to Autzen Stadium. Walking to the game is much easier (for us) than trying to battle the crowded streets and park.

To work off our breakfast and get to the game, we walked along the Ruth Bascom Riverbank Trail.

This popular riverside path follows along on both sides of Willamette River as it meanders through town. You can use the dedicated foot bridges and make it a two mile or so loop. Parts are paved to share with bikes, and parts are dirt along the north shore. One branch will take you right to the front of Autzen Stadium. Just follow the crowd.

Finally to the main event, the USC Football portion of our trip. We took our Coleman portable stadium seats and it was a good thing we did. We were on the shady side and the benches were still wet and cold from rain and dew the previous night.

Wayne picked these stadium seats because they are light weight, roll up fairly compact, and are easy to pack in a suitcase for our sportscation trips.

Because we were on the shady side, it was was a lot colder than the sunny side.  Even with my sweatshirt, jacket, and gloves I was chilly. At half time, I went downstairs to warm up in the sunshine and get a Dutch Bros. hot cocoa.

After a good warming, I went back to the game, but USC was a bit cold as well. They lost to the Ducks 48 to 28. Seems like we didn't bring them enough Canadian luck.

What's a vacation without lots of good food. We probably should have opted for a light dinner, but NOT. We headed over to the Cornucopia. We
had the Saturday special, a hot meatball sandwich, fries and a brew for only $12.99. Good food, USC and Ducks fans (getting along), and a funky atmosphere.

A perfect end to the first leg of our fall sportscation. -- Margy


  1. What a fun thing to do--a sportscation. Clever. My Grandson lives in Eugene with his girlfriend. He graduated 2 yrs ago from Eastern wa. and so did Hannah and they headed to Eugene to get their Masters but Mike found an excellent job working in his major and Hannah is still going to Oregon.

  2. I'm not much of a sports fan. The last shot here is magical.

  3. Hi Margy and thanks for your visits and comments on my blog! Good to meet you through blogging and to find that you have connections to my home county! I have relatives too who immigrated to Penticton and we enjoyed visiting them and exploring beautiful BC!
    Im now following and welcome you to follow and stay in touch!
    Have a great day!

  4. Hi Margy, I like the riverside view and portable stadium seat sounds like a good idea. The stadium was really packed! Have a great day!

  5. It looks like a lot of fun to me. I think those stadium seats are great.


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