Saturday, November 29, 2014

USC's Mascot Traveler

Wayne and I have been on a University of Southern California sports vacation. Wayne is an alumnus and huge fan.

Today, we went to the USC vs. Notre Dame football game at the USC home field in the Coliseum, the  historic stadium that dates back to the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics.  It was a warm, sunny day, a nice change from the chilly high of freezing in Powell River.

If I had to pick my favourite college mascot, it would be Traveler, the white horse carrying a Trojan warrior at the USC home football games. First of all, I'm a horse nut. Second of all, Traveler gallops around the stadium each time the team makes a touchdown.

Today Traveler was very busy with 7 big USC touchdowns versus the two that Notre Dame made.

On the USC campus, you will find a bronze statue of Traveler that was donated by outgoing president Steven B. Sample in 2010.

According to Traveler's own website, he first pranced onto the field at USC football games in 1961. That was Traveler I. He was discovered in the 1961 Rose Parade. Traveler wasn't the first horse to perform at USC football games, but he is the most famous. 

Over the years there have been seven Travelers. They have been a combination of Tennessee Walkers, Arabians, mixtures of both, and now an Andalusian. But they all have been white. You can also find Traveler in the annual Rose Parade in Pasadena, California, ridden by his Trojan warrior, Tommy Trojan. 

It's quite a sight to see Traveler gallop around the field at the Coliseum as the USC Band plays "Conquest" when the team makes a touchdown. Here's a sample by equusvideo on YouTube. -- Margy

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