Saturday, November 15, 2014

NOMA LED Twinkling Spheres

Last Christmas our good friend Jeanne gave us a set of Valerie Parr Hill Glass Spheres. When I wrote about them on my Powell River Books Blog, they weren't available in Canada.

But this week Canadian Tire came out with their Christmas Catalog and I found an ad for NOMA LED Twinkling Spheres. I went to the store to check them out. They look exactly like the Valerie Parr Hill ones.   YEA! Now we have a local option to get these great decorative items.

The NOMA spheres cost $49.99 CAD and come in small, medium, and large. They can be hung or have a flat bottom for table display.

The NOMA spheres come in silver or gold. A timer controls a 6-hour on, 18-hour off cycle. They are indoor/outdoor rated, and use three C-cell batteries that last over two months.

These are great sitting on a patio table (like Jeanne uses them), or hanging in the living room (like we do). We both use ours year-round, and at the cabin, they make a nice warm glow in the evening without using any of our limited solar-powered electric supply.

Here's what ours look like in action.

If you enjoy glowing lights at night, give either the Valerie Parr Hill or NOMA version a try. -- Margy


  1. Very fun! I would like to go to a Canadian Tire store sometime - they sound very interesting to shop at.

  2. Popped over for a visit, I'm thinking of enlarging the scope of my blog, my life is more than gardening. I'm in a Christmasey mood this year, it seems to fluctuate. Anyway I'm thinking of how to decorate the gate up by the road. Battery operated lights would seem to be the answer.

  3. So pretty - I must have some - if not this year, then next for sure. I think they would be great on our deck.

  4. 2 Tramps - I love that store. We shop there more than any other place in town. They have it all, except for groceries. Even then, they sometimes sell coffee for a really good price.

    Susan - Thanks for stopping by. I know what you mean about the wide variety of things in life to write about. Even my Powell River Books Blog couldn't cover all we do.

    JoAnn - I am still searching for replacement solar Xmas lights. Must be they weren't that big a hit, but for us they are perfect.


  5. I've never head of these before, it would be great out on our patio or covered porch.

  6. Kathy - That's where our friend Jeanne has hers. She also gave some Mason jars that flicker in the same way that we keep on our picnic table. Maybe because our winter nights seem so long, we love lights around the cabin at night. - Margy


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