Sunday, April 24, 2022

End Part I of Our Southern Arizona Snowbird RV Adventure

Days 24-36

December 7: We ended the first part of our 2021-22 Snowbird RV Adventure in Southern Arizona before Christmas. That way we could be back with our good friend in Bellingham and take care of some end of the year business. 

 We like breaking up our RV adventures this way rather than staying on the road for a lengthy period of time.

On the way north from Fort Huachuca we stopped at Watson Chevrolet to have the chasis of our Sunseeker Class C motorhome serviced. Even though we haven't driven many miles, it's been two years.

In the service bay at Watson Chevrolet in Tucson.

At first we weren't sure they had a service bay large enough for us, but we shouldn't have worried. It's a big dealership with the largest service area I've ever seen. They even had a lift big enough for us.

Catalina State Park

Large and private Site #A-45 at Catalina State Park.

December 7-10: Catalina State Park is only ten miles from downtown Tucson and avery popular park for day and overnight use. Reservations for campsites must be made well in advance for the peak winter season.

Catalina has many walking, hiking and riding trails to enjoy. There's even a horse camping area with stables. We met Samson on one of our trail walks. He knew lots of tricks to use for children's parties. 

Picacho Peak State Park

December 11-13: Our next stop was Picacho Peak State Park, 36 miles to the northwest. On the way we stopped at a Fry's grocery store to pick up the last of our provisions. 

Site #A-13 at Picacho Peak.

These last two campsites gave us lots of privacy and space to relax, read, BBQ and end the day with a campfire. In college I studied the Civil War period of American history. I remember Picacho Peak as one of the western-most locations for a battle. 

On one of our walks, we discovered the location where they used to conduct annual reenactments. That would have been fun to see.

Budget cuts and Covid put an end to them. Here's a video from 2001.

December 14-19We spent the last week of our adventure at Lazydays before putting the RV into their storage area. Having our RV pre-positioned in Arizona makes our winter sun-seeking adventures easier and more enjoyable. 

Do you travel by RV? How do you handle your trips?


  1. Nice to be out and about. More covid restrictions here in Ontario, moving backwards instead of staying the same!!!!

    1. Same in BC so we decided not to cross the border between Part 1 and Part 2 of our Snowbird adventure. - Margy

  2. Margy - we have never traveled in an RV, but we can see it in our future when we are no longer as physically fit. For Christmas, I gave my hubby a book of U.S. road trips, and we have been reading it and dreaming. Happy New Year!

  3. Happy New Year to you and your travel buddy, Margy. Many years ago, my sister who since passed away and her husband converted a big bus and traveled across the States that way. They had many happy adventures, which she wrote about in travel magazines.

  4. This sound like it would have been so much fun 40 years ago. Now nearing 70 and well out of shape, I suspect it's not a great time to begin the adventurous life.
    Thank you for sharing at

  5. Thank you for visiting me! A happy New Year to you both! Only know Arizona from driving through it. We stayed a night in Phoenix - really like that place!But from what I heard about the heat there, gives me second thoughts:) I would like to live near Sedona, but it's expensive there! Maybe we should stay here in TX for a while ...haha.

  6. That's very clever to have the RV stored in the area of the country that you are going to be using it the most rather than hauling it cross country so ar.


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