Thursday, December 14, 2017

Driftwood Santa Wall Hanging

A bit of the cabin for Christmas in town.
Does wood ever speak to you? Sounds silly, but every time I pick a piece of driftwood out of the lake I listen to what it has to say. Most often it's, "I just came by to help you keep warm this winter."

But other times, driftwood has a different message. Stumps beg to become floating planters. Medium sized gnarly pieces ask to come aboard to decorate our deck. Smaller pieces often have a unique message of their own.

This piece of driftwood told me it wanted to become a Christmas decoration we could bring out each year to celebrate the holiday.

I must be honest, I saw an article in the Peak newspaper advertising a local crafter's wares at Artique, the local artist cooperative shop. When I saw this piece of wood float by, I knew what it would become.

All it took was some acrylic paint, yarn to make a ball for the top of Santa's hat, and two nails and a piece of yarn on the back for a hanger. The driftwood shape was perfect just the way it was for the task.

I enjoy using handmade decorations for the season, and my driftwood Santa wall hanging fits right in for our city or cabin decorations.

Are you making anything special for Christmas this year? -- Margy


  1. Good eye, Margy. That piece of wood was perfect,

    1. Sometimes you can find driftwood or a rock to match your project. Other times you let it talk to you and say what it should become. I was lucky on this one. - Margy

  2. my mum used to collect drift wood to make coffee table.

    I didn't know I had such rich inheritance before I returned to China last month.

    1. Family and traditions are so important. Glad you got to return to China to learn more. - Margy

  3. Hi, I'm a little late to this post - I'm visiting from Eileen's blog.
    But had to stop by to say that I like your driftwood Santa.

    All the best Jan

    1. Painting rocks and driftwood can be a lot of fun to decorate our cabin. - Margy


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