Monday, December 12, 2016

The Pow! Town Roller Derby

Wayne and I got hooked on attending roller derby games last year in Eugene, Oregon. Since then we've gone to games in Bellingham, Washington, and here in our hometown of Powell River, BC.

The Pow! Town roller derby teams are the Thunder for adults and the Brawl Stars for youth.  They now they have their own dedocated venue called the Thunderdome. The interior is one large room with a cement floor that they have lined out for their flat track.

The Sin Bin is the penalty box.

On Sunday we went to a pre-season scrimmage. The team is mostly women of all ages, but there are a few men players.

Players and referees have funny nicknames and often dress in costumes.

Today, roller derby is similar to the old banked-track games televised in the 60s and 70s, but the track is flat and the contestants come from all walks of life to enjoy the sport.

If you live in Powell River, watch for future Pow! Town events. If you live somewhere else, I bet you have a roller derby team nearby. Check it out, you might like it. You might even want to try out for one of the teams and join in the fun. -- Margy

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