Tuesday, May 3, 2016

University of Oregon Women's Softball

It's women's softball season, so we headed back to Oregon for another tournament. This time we went to Eugene to watch the University of Oregon women play against the University of Arizona. Earlier this year we saw both teams in action. In March, Arizona was matched up with their rivals from Arizona State University. And just three weeks ago, we saw Oregon play their main rivals from Oregon State University.

Cheridan Hawking, the Hawk, pitching.
For us, the highlight of watching the University of Oregon team play is following their star pitcher Cheridan Hawkins, the Hawk.

She's an amazing left-handed pitcher. And during the Friday night game, she achieved her 1000th strike out. Quite impressive!

This is our first game in the university's new Jane Sanders Stadium. It's very nice, but for two of the three games it was a sellout.

Happily seated in the new Jane Sanders Stadium.
Originally we could only purchase general admission tickets for the outfield. But closer to the game, we used StubHub to purchase seats in the main stadium that were being resold by season ticket holders.

Wayne stood out front before the first game and "sold" our extra outfield tickets for free. It took a while, but we found new owners for all of them.

It's said that additional outfield seating will be added for regional games. They are going to need it because Oregon is #1 in the Pac12 and #6 in the nation. They are sure to be selected as the a site for Super Regional and Regional playoffs. -- Margy


  1. More baseball fun - and the sunshine - oh the sunshine!!!!

    1. Can't go wrong with sunshine. We did have rain the first night, but it stopped just before the game. After that it was like summer. - Margy


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