Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Friends in Need

The new blue picnic table on our front porch.
... are especially nice especially when you don't know you are in need. Wayne and I came home after a mini-vacation to Vancouver Island to discover a new picnic table on our front porch.

We talked through all the possibilities of how it could have gotten there but weren't sure until we found a note tucked under a solar light on our old table.

Last summer our good friends Dave and Marg stayed at our cabin on the way home from our barge camping and quad riding trip to the head of Powell Lake. They noticed that our old table was missing one leg and sitting on an old shake block found floating in the lake.

Dave built the table in town and delivered it right to our cabin on Powell Lake.

Dave built us a new table in his shop at home and Marg came with him in their boat to make the delivery when they knew we would be away. What a surprise that was. Doesn't it look great! I love the colour that matches our cabin roof. Thanks so much Dave and Marg. You are super special friends in many ways.

Using the repurposed old picnic table as a work bench.
And what about the old picnic table you ask? Never fear. It has been repurposed into a work bench at the back of the cabin.

I used it to make my painted rock ladybug and Wayne is using it to sand and paint the wooden floorboards for our sailboat Ste. Marie.

Have you ever received something special from friends? Tell us your story. -- Margy


  1. What sweet friends. One time long, long ago - maybe a million years now - a fried dropped off boxes of food on our porch and then ran off. It took us months to find out who did it - but it was certainly appreciated - we had three kids in grade school at the time and one can always use good food. Love the new table.

    1. Friends are special. We don't have a lot, but the ones we do are great. - Margy

  2. What a great story! And what great friends!!!

    1. They also helped us a lot getting settled and meeting new people in our new town back in 2005. - Margy


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