Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Christmas Spirit on Lopez Island, WA

During a trip to Lopez Island, Wayne and I walked from the airport to the marina to get lunch. On the way, we passed a unique mailbox.

As you can see, every day is like Christmas on Lopez Island.

Lopez is one of the San Juan Islands off the northern Washington coast. It can be reached by air (your own plane, Kenmore Air or San Juan Airlines) or sea (boat or ferry). Lopez is one of the most rural of the San Juans. Walk or drive the quiet back roads and you'll see lots of interesting mailboxes. Come and see for yourself. -- Margy


  1. Oh how we love Lopez Island - we spent our anniversary there last year - in a darling little place right on the water. The back roads are fabulous. Did you go to the dump? They have the greatest program, called Take It or Leave It. In a huge metal building at the dump site they set up masses of tables and people bring their items from home that they want to get rid of - no charge for anything and there is the biggest assortment of things you've ever seen - better than most thrift stores. The day we were there a man brought his entire library of very good books - lots of American history and quality reading. We stopped by the next day and all the books were gone. You can take anything you want - or drop off anything you want - it was such fun. We picked up one or two neat items - a calendar by a local artist and a pretty dish. Love the name - "Take It or Leave It".

    And the bunnies - did you see all the bunnies? Hundreds - everywhere - hopping all over the place. I guess they are a nuisance to the residents - but sure fun for us 'tourists".

    1. We didn't get to the dump. It was quite a walk from the airport to the restaurant at the marina and back again. We thought we could catch a cab one direction, but they didn't have any on the island, at least at that time. I love the "Take It or Leave It" concept. I would probably be a steady customer. Don't remember bunnies, but lots of Canada Geese in the fields. - Margy


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