Friday, November 4, 2016

Cinnamon Apple Spiced Spritzer

Spiced canned apples.
Over on the Powell River Books Blog I shared a recipe for making spiced canned apples. I made too much syrup, so I used some to make applesauce. Even then, there was some apple flavoured cinnamon spice syrup left.

I hate to be wasteful, and the syrup was so tasty I saved it in the fridge. After an afternoon of hot canning, I wanted a cool drink. Now what could I have? How about a Cinnamon Apple Spiced Spritzer.

I put ice in a tall glass and filled it one-third with my flavoured syrup. Then I topped it off with cold 7-Up. It made a sweet refreshing drink. Yum-o!

Leftover spiced apple syrup makes a tasty non-alcoholic drink.

I’ve made similar drinks with left over syrup from canned blackberries and blueberries. Of the three, I like the apple best. And I bet it would make a great Appletini. Now if I only had some vodka. -- Margy


  1. That does sound good!! A good thirst quencher.

    1. For me, anything with cinnamon is tasty. The sweet apple flavour was an added bonus. - Margy


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