Sunday, October 25, 2015

Envelope Funnel to Pour Spices

Cut a triangular piece of envelope and snip off the corner.
I can't say this is an original idea, but it came to me without an Internet search until after the fact. Of course, Martha Stewart (and many others) had the same brainstorm.

I needed to pour cinnamon from a large spice jar into a smaller one. What to do? 

In the past, I've tried to make a funnel by wrapping a piece of paper into a cone, but it always comes apart during the middle of the pour and makes a mess on the counter.

Put the paper funnel in the mouth of a jar.
Today I went through a lot of junk mail and I remembered I had a lot of envelopes in the paper recycle basket.I retrieved a large envelope, cut off a triangular portion, and then cut off the tip to create a paper cone to create an impromptu funnel.

Because the mouth of my spice jar was small, I had to hold the funnel in place. With a larger mouthed jar, the funnel would be able stand up on its own.

Pouring cinnamon through the funnel.
So, I held the funnel in place and poured away.

If I hadn't been trying to take a photograph with one hand it would have been a perfect process. No muss, no fuss.

Maybe my brainstorm means that like minds run in similar directions. Whatever the case, it made a formerly messy task into a neat and tidy one. -- Margy


  1. That's a great way to reuse the old envelope. And means less storage of the traditional funnels. I use all my old envelopes for shopping lists. I use 2 at a time,the list goes on the outside and the coupons go inside and then I clip another to it to keep track of my credit card purchases and tuck the receipts inside. It works for me and that is what is important. :)

    1. That's a great idea. I use a piece of notepaper in Powell River and a small notebook in the States. But neither has a spot for coupons. I do find there are almost no coupons that work at home in Powell River. I always guessed it was a US thing, not a Canadian one. But you seem to get them. - Margy

  2. No that's clever - I'll have to remember when I need to refill the small jars in my vintage spice rack.

    1. I also cut off the corner of plastic bags when I buy bulk spices, but they don't funnel the spices as easily. - Margy

  3. This is great if you have no funnels. some years back I purchased a set of smaller funnels. I must have picked them up from a dollar store. They've come in very handy especially when I buy bulk spices and want to put them in jars.

    1. Sometimes the funnel spouts aren't large enough for some spices. With an envelope you can cut the corner as large as needed. - Margy


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