Friday, July 10, 2015

Seattle Stormin'

Tonight Wayne and I went to a Seattle Storm women's professional basketball game. We really enjoy women's basketball. You can get great seats and the women play more as a team than the pro men. Yes, there are stars, but they all work together in a more cohesive manner.

Tonight the Storm faced off against the Phoenix Mercury.

The Storm play at Key Arena, right near the lofty Space Needle in downtown Seattle. The Space Needle is quite an architectural marvel (and tourist attraction), especially on a nice summer day with clear blue skies.

But for our trip today, it was stormin' with high clouds. Guess that's appropriate considering the team's name.

We chose to come all the way down from Powell River for this particular game for two reasons. Of course, we wanted to cheer on our "local" Seattle team.

Brittney high-fives a teammate before the game.

We also wanted to see Brittney Griner of the Phoenix Mercury play. She's a remarkable player who we've followed since she played college basketball for the University of Connecticut.

Brittney Griner making a free throw.

Tonight the Mercury won 94 to 79, but the Storm fans never quit cheering for their women. That's a loyal following for sure.
If you want to know more about Brittney Griner, she's written a memoir. In My Skin: My Life On and Off the Basketball Court is available in print and Kindle formats from Amazon. It's an amazing read about a strong woman who has overcome many obstacles to become a professional basketball star.

And this month, Brittney is being featured in ESPN The Magazine's Body Issue available this month on newsstands. -- Margy

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