Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Old Edison in Edison, WA

From Bellingham, take Chuckanut Drive to Edison for a scenic excursion. When you get there, stop at The Old Edison. This historic restaurant was established in 1934 and has provided good food and drink to locals and travelers alike.

The Edison has two things I really love, beer and oysters. The restaurant has 15 beers on tap, now that's a little bit of heaven. You can get oysters as an appetizer or a meal. Of course, there are steaks, burgers, salads and other good stuff -- but the oysters are for me. Prices are very reasonable and the oldtime casual atmosphere makes it comfortable. Want to eat outdoors on a sunny day or warm evening, there's a huge grass area with tables out back.

Like entertainment? There's a pool table and two huge shuffleboards. They have live music every weekend. Lunch is served daily from 11:30 a.m. Closing is at 11:00 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, later on Fridays and Saturdays.

Edison may be a little off the main road, but it is well worth the trip. If you are heading north or south on I-5 take the Bow-Hill exit and head west (click here for directions). You can't miss it. -- Margy


  1. It looks like a fun place, my husband loves beer and oysters!

  2. Yes Kathy, it's a great place for food and fun. Summer is especially nice when you can sit outdoors. It isn't fancy, my kind of place. We like to stop by coming back from Whidbey Island. It isn't too far off the main drag and a much prettier drive. - Margy

  3. One of our favorites - we just love Bow and Edison. I see the little cafe in Bow is open again - or maybe it is on the edge of Edison. It was closed for a while and was for sale and we haven't been back except we drove by one time and saw that it was open again. So much fun in Bow and Edison. Have you tried the new Mexican place - across from the Old Edison? Another treat. And we love the ice cream and the fresh baked bread available in Edison. Plus there are great fields out towards Anacortes for pictures of hawks of all kinds, eagles and herons.

  4. JoAnn - Thanks for the suggestions. We are such creatures of habit, we tend to return to the same places over and over. Maybe we should break out and give the other restaurants a try. We did try the Longhorn Saloon. It was fun, but I like the Edison better. Of course, I love the bakery. - Margy


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