Friday, October 17, 2014

Siletz Bay Airport, Gleneden Beach OR

Wayne and I fly our Piper Arrow 997 along the West Coast several times a year. In summer, the cooler weather reduces turbulence. When the Oregon coast isn't covered in fog, our favourite stop is the Siletz Bay Airport (S45 ) at Gleneden Beach, Oregon.

Even when we camp at the airport, we love to eat out. There are two excellent restaurants within walking distance.

One is at the Salishan resort. Our favorite, however, is the Side Door Café at Eden Hall. Take the airport access road and cross Highway 101 (carefully). You will find a partially hidden trail with steps leading to Gleneden Beach Loop Road. Turn left (south) and the restaurant is on the other side of the road. They are closed on Tuesdays and you may want to call before flying there for dinner during the winter months.

There are many interesting things within walking distance of the airport. You can take the Gleneden Beach Loop and walk past beautiful beachfront homes. Just north of the Salishan Resort is Siletz Bay. It's a bird-watcher’s paradise. For easy walking access to the beach, take Highway 101 south to Wesler Street and head west to the Gleneden Beach State Recreation Site.

If you fly or drive and prefer a hotel, the Salishan Spa and Golf Resort has excellent accommodations. The golf course and location make it a good travel destination any time of year. For fly-in guests, it's just a short walk north along Highway 101.

Whether you are looking for dinner or an overnight destination, try Siletz Bay State Airport at Gleneden Beach. can read more about our flying adventures at Siletz Bay and Gleneden Beach in two of Wayne's books. Up the Airway includes stories about flying along the West Coast and throughout Canada. Flying the Pacific Northwest features flying destinations in Oregon and Washing. Both books are written for pilots and non-pilots alike.  For more information go to

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